Thursday, March 1, 2012

Flower Gardens

It's getting time to start thinking about things to plant.  Home garden stores are already getting in supplies and  there's no end to the things that catch our eye.  Flowers, rose bushes, even trees.

What about having a flower garden this year?  It's a project that most of us would enjoy immensely once we got started.  A lot of delightful planning can go into it if you want it to.  Landscaping diagrams, sunny areas, shady spots.  You can get as involved as you want with the details.

I heard of something I've been wanting to try.  It's called "garden in a bag" and you take a bag of potting soil and plant flowers in the bag.  If I remember correctly, I think you cut X's on the top and bottom of the bag, put the plants in and then just let them grow.

Container gardens are getting popular, too.  Magazines on container gardening should already be in the stores now.  These type of gardens have a certain lure to them.  They are convenient and come in handy when there is a less than perfect place to plant a garden.

You can find pictures in the magazines for container gardens that show layouts for decorating places such as the patio, porch, garden and even window sills.

I'm planning on getting started this weekend with a couple of containers that I can keep inside till all danger of frost is past.  I'd like to hear about anyone else's project, too.

Till next time.

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