Thursday, March 22, 2012

Is Aspirin the Cure for Cancer?

Studies have just been released that aspirin may be an effective weapon against cancer. 

Oxford University has discovered that aspirin may not only prevent cancer, but may also keep it from spreading.  The results in their study sounded very promising.

Wouldn't it be awesome if it's found out that aspirin could actually cure cancer?  I'm hoping this will be a giant step towards finding a cure.  Maybe with what scientists discover about aspirin and how it effects cancer, they can find a way to conquer it for good.

One simplified explanation by Oxford's leading researcher is that aspirin inhibits the growth of platelets.  Platelets spread cancer in the body.  In the studies they did, aspirin sharply reduced cancer's ability to spread to other parts of the body.

Of course, there are some doctors and researchers that do not seem very excited about people taking aspirin on a daily basis.  They point to the side effects of aspirin in some people, such as bleeding in the stomach.  But I bet if the evidence keeps growing in favor of aspirin defeating cancer, a way will be found to combat this problem.

Speaking of stomach problems with aspirin, there might be a way around this with vitamin C.  Researchers in Germany say if equal amounts of vitamin C are taken with aspirin, it stops the bleeding in the stomach caused by the aspirins.

This is a great discovery so far.  And it is amazing to think that the world may have had the cure for cancer all along in a little aspirin.                                                    

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