Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cruise Ships and Crimes

Going on a cruise is easier that it used to be.  You can find great deals on cruises.  These "Love Boats" are big business.  In fact, I think it was the "Love Boat" series that helped to make cruises so popular.

A lot of people are already planning their vacations for summer.  No doubt that sailing the ocean on a luxury cruise liner will be high on the list for many. 

A Few Things to Remember about Cruises

With all the promoting that cruise lines do to get your business, don't forget about the reports of crimes being committed on them.  Everything from murder to disappearances in thin air have happened on these ships.

First rule:  Do not get extremely intoxicated on a cruise ship.  You may think you can drink like the proverbial fish because you don't have to drive home but it's dangerous to put yourself in that position.  Crime statistics bear that out.

Second rule:   Criminals and maniacs take cruises, too.  That includes cruise ship employees.  That's all the explanation you need for victims that have been pushed off the railing and those that disappeared on the ship.  Remember the publicity about Amy Bradley?  She disappeared on a cruise ship (I think it was Rhapsody of the Seas) while vacationing with her parents.

That's all for now.  I might talk more about this at a later time.

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