Monday, March 26, 2012

Unique uses for Aspirin

My last post was about aspirin and the fascinating news that it might prevent cancer.  But did you know that this amazing little pill has many other uses? 

It can revive a dead car battery.  Two aspirins dropped into a car battery that has gone dead will cause a chemical reaction that will charge the battery.  It will only last for one more run, enough to get you to a service station.

For your garden, dissolve an aspirin in a quart of water to treat fungus in the soil.  Or make a rooting hormone by dissolving an aspirin in a cup of water.  Then dip a cutting into the cup of water.

The next time you get a mosquito bite wet the skin and rub an aspirin on it.  The same goes for bee stings.

Out of dandruff shampoo?  Try crushing two aspirins into a fine powder and add to the shampoo you poured into your hand.  Shampoo and leave in for a couple minutes. 

What about skin exfoliate?  Just add crushed aspirin to enough water to make a paste.  The skin exfoliates we buy in the store have aspirin in them. 

With all these uses for aspirin, it going to be a lot of fun to try them out.  My first experiment is going to be with the rooting hormone.  I should know about that one in a few days.

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