Monday, March 19, 2012

The Walking Dead Finale

The second season finale of AMC's The Walking Dead had the highest ratings for the season.  With a horde of flesh-eating walkers descending on the farm, the group gave it all they had to survive. 

There were too many heart-stopping dramatic moments to count.  The burning barn, Hershel making his stand in front of the farmhouse, walkers everywhere they turned.  I thought we would lose Hershel during the finale.  I'm glad he prevailed, though.

I think his character intended to fight to the death instead of fleeing the farm.  But at the last moment Rick got through to him.  "This is my farm," Hershel said to Rick.
"Not anymore," Rick said.  Hershel snapped out of it and left with Rick before it was too late.

No major characters were lost.  Patricia and Jimmy, two sweet minor characters, won't be back.  I thought Andrea was going to perish, but that weird, hooded person saved her just in time.  I never read the comic, but I understand that the person who rescued her is a woman and a lawyer just like Andrea.

I hope season three stays down to earth and doesn't get too far out.  I'm afraid if it does it will ruin the show.  If Walking Dead turns into science fiction I think a lot of the fans will leave the show.

I did have a couple of disappointments with the show this season.  I thought Dale was a real asset to the show and was so disappointed when he died.  And I don't understand why the producers killed off Shane.  Shane was wild, volitale and yes, exciting.  Many of us couldn't wait to see what Shane was going to do every week.  Who is going to take his place?  I hope they knew what they were doing.

I have seen many good series ruin themselves.  I hope Walking Dead is not one of them.  When a series like this is wildly popular it seems that the producers and writers can't keep up with it many times after the first or second season. 

One more note about Hershel.  For those of you that missed the Talking Dead show that followed the finale.  The producer said on there that they had planned to kill off Hershel's character.  Randell was going to escape and kill Hershel and then Shane was going to kill Randell.  The producer said they were glad they decided to rewrite it, especially when they saw Hershel do the finale.  He was fantastic!

I'd love to hear some feedback on this.  That's all for now.


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