Sunday, April 15, 2012

Benefits of Olive Oil

The health benefits of olive oil are nothing short of amazing.  It's been reported that olive oil can ward off cancer and prevent heart attack and stroke.  It can do much more.  Arthritis and asthma are said to be helped by it.  It's great for the liver, the gallbladder and stomach.

Olive oil has properties that protect against hardening of the arteries.  It can do this much better than seed oils, even though seed oils do lower cholesterol.

Olive oil is a staple of countries in the Mediterranean.  Although their diet is rich in fat, they have lower rates of heart disease than countries like the United States.  Olive Oil rreduces the risk of stroke, heart attack and blood clots.

It's great for cooking and frying.  It goes great with salads, vegetables and fruits.  Many people swear by it for beautiful hair and skin.

They say extra virgin olive oil is the best for health.  This is because it is the oil from the first pressing and the most natural.  Oil from the second pressing is virgin oil.

Keep your bottle of olive oil in a dark, cool place.  My next post will be about olive oil and beauty.

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