Thursday, April 19, 2012

Beauty Secrets of Olive Oil

Olive oil is wonderful for our health.  It staves off hardening of the arteries, helps to prevent heart attack and stroke and so much more.

But it's also great for the outside of our body, namely hair and skin.  Some women use it as a facial moisturizer and say they wouldn't go back to their old moisturizers.  Try it on your face (a small amount, of course,) and see if it completely absorbs in about 15 minutes. 

It's wonderful to soften feet.  Here's something to try:  massage olive oil into your feet, put on socks and sleep in them overnight.  Your feet will be softer than they've ever been and look great.

In ancient Great Britain, Queen Anne had a beauty treatment for her hair that she liked so much, it was forbidden to be made public.  Her barber had created it for her.  When she died it was discovered that her secret beauty treatment was two ounces of olive oil and four ounces of honey.

Years ago, I put this on my hair from time to time.  It worked pretty well.  I remember that it made my hair very shiny.  It's a mess to wash out. 

Here are some more modern olive oil treatments:  try a teaspoon of olive oil in a cup of plain yogurt, mix well and apply to your hair and scalp after your shampoo.  Leave in five minutes and rinse out.  They say this is used in Italy a lot. 

Another recipe for the hair that sounds good is to put a teaspoon of olive oil in your favorite hair conditioner.  Of course, I imagine this would be hair conditioner that you rinsed out. 

This is food for thought (and inspiration):  At the age of 72, actress Sophia Loren was named the Most Beautiful Natural Woman in the world.  She had competitors like Catherine Zeta Jones that were half her age.  They asked her what her secret was for looking so young.  As you may have guessed, she said olive oil, as well as "love of life." 

What an inspiration! 

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