Monday, January 9, 2012

Try This for Some Will Power in Your Diet

While we're still on the subject of getting healthy and losing weight, I want to share an idea about a will power tactic that I discovered years ago.

This little trick has a good chance of working if the person will make a decision to commit to it.  The only drawback is that it can be inconvenient as it takes a little time and trouble to do.  But if it works for you, it's worth it.  Here goes:  The next time you're about to go off your diet because you can't resist that chocolate cake, do this:

Lock yourself into a bedroom or bathroom where there's a full-length mirror.  Now take off all your clothes.  Now look at yourself in the mirror.

How bad do you want that cake now?  From my own experience, I will guess not nearly as much as before you looked in that mirror.

I have another somewhat unusual tip for dieting that I will tell you about on my next post.  Till then, let's keep those New Year resolutions going!

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